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Marianas International Film Festival

Marianas International Film Festival organized by the Film Association jointly organized Marianas; Bohua Pacific International Holdings Limited, Shenzhen jinqiangwei Film Group Co. Ltd; CNMI Tourism Bureau; Huoerguosi Film Festival, Marianas company also ran Culture Communication Co., ltd..

Marianas International Film Festival was founded in 2017 and will be held in Shanghai in June 24th. No fee is charged for collecting films from all over the world. The first film festival is scheduled to be held in Marianas in late November 2017 for a period of three days. During the film festival opening ceremony, opening film screenings, film forum, youth director to support the venture, the main activities of the red carpet awards, awards ceremony and closing ceremony dinner.

The first Marianas International Film Festival by the president, chairman of the Hongkong film workers association of Hongkong film directors honorary president Wu Siyuan chairman; former chairman of China Film Association, the central museumlibrarian Li Qiankuan, former Vice Minister of the Korean Ministry of culture, the Busan International Film Festival founder of Jindong tiger Co chaired. The jury consists of judges from all over the world.

Marianas is located in the Western Pacific Ocean. With its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, it is a famous tourist resort in the world. Marianas was a cruel battlefield during the Second World War. Today, Marianas is compatible with the eastern and Western cultures and has diversified. The establishment of the Marianas International Film Festival here will provide a new platform for the exchange and development of world cinema, and will contribute to world peace.

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