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The prospectus of the film festival of Marianas International Film Festival


In the Marianas International Film Festival, the competition films are mainly based on feature films, and the awards are focused on the originality of the author and the originality of the work. The film has a wide range of subjects and different styles, and welcomes the new works by the new master of cinema, and also welcomes the masterpieces of the new generation of filmmakers. The film allows the world to exchange and integrate the diverse cultures in the moving images, exploring the evolution of human society and exploring human nature through stories.

The entries are registered online, and the Film Festival Organizing Committee and the selection consultant are recommended by the jury. The judges of the film festival jury will be composed of senior filmmakers and professional judges from all over the world, and will present the following awards at the awards ceremony at the end of the year:

Best feature film award,

Jury awards,

Best directing award,

Best screenplay award,

Best actor award,

Best actress award,



Best cinematography award,

Best original music award,

Best technical award,

Best editing award,

Best directorial debut award,

Best new actor award.

Film specifications:

Feature length: 60 minutes or more

Film type: feature film

Film theme: Unlimited

Film specifications: DVD, Lan Guangdie, U disk, DCP format can be

Production time: a film completed after July 1, 2016

Registration time: from June 24, 2017 to August 30, 2017

Registration website: www.marianasiff.com

Film delivery request:

The DVD sample of the film must be consistent with the film copy and the registration form will be sent to the following address by September 30, 2017 at the latest:

Marianas International Film Festival China Office

Address: room 2302, building 12, No. 01, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Zip code: 100020

In the mail registration film samples at the same time, also please email form with complete data of electronic files, film required include: the electronic version of the application form, the film director English English introduction, introduction, credits, posters, stills, photographs and a minute film director. At the same time, please specify the "competition film". The full version of the electronic version will be sent to the official email Office of the International Film Festival Organizing Committee, miff2017@marianasiff.com, at the latest, on August 30, 2017.

Qualification and relevant regulations:

1, once the entrant formally sign up, that is, for no reason may withdraw the film has been submitted to Marianas International Film festival;

2. The entries submitted by competitors shall not be subject to slander or abuse of other countries or regions;

3, submitted the film to provide English subtitles (no dialogue, no subtitles, at the same time except) will complete with English subtitles provided to set film festival organizing committee;

4 copies of the entries will not be sent back and will be retained by the Organizing Committee for a long time;

5, the stage of work collection, entries can be DVD, Lan Guangdie, U disk form submitted;

6, nominated works, participants must submit DCP package format for Film Festival screenings:

7 unless otherwise specified, entries may be used free of charge for promotional activities and non commercial activities of the festival, including media coverage, broadcast or publication, reproduction, audio-visual material, etc.;

8, the participant should confirm with the entries of copyright, and it doesn't involve the right of portrait, right of reputation and privacy and any related legal disputes, if any relevant legal disputes, the legal liability shall be borne by the contestant himself;

9. The participants must accept all the above terms and conditions, and the final interpretation rights of the film festival rules are the Organizing Committee of the Marianas International Film festival.

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